The Science of Leadership

Understanding the forces that drive us


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Living and Acting With Honesty

I was looking at the notes I made when I read the book “The Westpoint Way of Leadership” and something stood out to me that I thought was interesting.  Westpoint is the officer military training academy in the US.  They have 4 basic rules that they call “Tennent’s”.  The 4th one stood out to me

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Another Freaking Hill?

This past week, I spent some time with my son and his Venture Group doing what they called a “Super Activity”. The young men in my son’s group are trying to achieve their Duke of Edinburgh award (equivalent to an Eagle Scout Award to our friends down South). To fulfill one of the requirements, these

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No Smarter Than A 6 Year Old

No Smarter Than A 6 Year Old This morning as I was taking my 16 year old son to school, we started talking about an episode of “Myth Busters” that he saw on the weekend.  Apparently, if you get a flat on your car, you can actually use a manhole cover as a spare if

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The Art of Happiness

Life is not about searching for happiness. It is about making the choice to be happy. Find out now.